Diatom Genomics - Team Leader: Angela Falciatore


Diatoms are a key phytoplankton group in the contemporary ocean. The recent availability of whole genome sequences from representative species has revealed distinct features in their genomes, and studies of their biology promise to reveal many novel aspects. Major objective of our research is to fully exploit novel genetic tools and genomic information to identify the mechanisms controlling diatom growth and distribution in the marine environment. Ecological questions drive our molecular investigations.

Because light is a key environmental signal for photosynthetic organisms, we are performing a comprehensive characterization of diatom light responses by studying:

- the diatom photoreceptors, their signaling pathways and their function in vivo;

- the diatom response to light stress, dissecting key photoprotection mechanisms;

- the light regulated rhythmic processes and their unknown regulators;

- the genetic regulatory elements driving genome expression and light response regulation, characterizing the diatom small non-coding RNAs and gene silencing pathways through computational and experimental approaches.

Selected publications
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