Specialty Course Name Acronym level Description
Computational Biology Sequence analysis and word statistics SBASS Master
Phylogeny PHYLO Master
Microarray & RNA-Seq analysis Master Course for a summer school
NGS data analysis PHYG
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Statistics Inferential statistics and Hypothesis testing LI323 bachelor
Classification and Pattern matching SCLASS Master
Computer Science Introduction to Algorithms and Python programming LBM - 1I001 Bachelor Course for the Biology and Mathematics bachelor program (UPMC-Roscoff)
Algorithms and Data structures LI216 Bachelor
Structures discrètes LI214 Bachelor
C programming LI215 Bachelor

Students Supervision

PhD Students
  • (Oct. 2017-) Laurent David (joint with Alessandra Carbone):
    Predicting protein interactions from metagenomic data
  • (Oct. 2017-) Robert Clerc (joint with Laurent Mesnard, MD PhD, Tenon Hospital):
    Refinement of the allogenomics concept in renal transplantation
  • (2010-2014) Bogdan Mirauta (joint with Pierre Nicolas, INRA Jouy en Josas):
    Estimating Transcriptional Rates from RNA-Seq data
  • (2007-10) Marcel H. Schulz (joint with M. Vingron MPI Molecular Genetics, K. Reinert Free University, Berlin):
Master Students
  • (April-September 2014) Adel Ait-Amlat (joint with E. Laine): Phylogenetic reconstruction of transcript isoform evolutions
  • (February-August 2013) Madjid Bessoul: Inferring methylation level from bisulfite sequencing experiments
  • (April-September 2010): Bogdan Mirauta: Inferring transcriptional rate with sequential Monte-Carlo methods.
  • Master projects (3 months):
    • Analysis of bisulfite sequencing data
    • Correction of sequencing errors with a suffix tree approach
    • Annotation of proteins with variable order markov chains
    • Evaluating various segmentation methods for the analysis of transcriptome data