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Post-doc offer for 2 years in the Analytical Genomics team, on the Evolution and Structural Impact of Alternative Splicing (ANR project, starting Jan. 2018).,

A postdoc position is avalaible in the Analytical Genomics team: "Coevolution analysis of viral sequences: from HBV to a general framework"

Dr. Igor Rouzine at LQCB, Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, seeks two postdoctoral associates with Ph. D. degree in physical sciences to model dynamics and evolution of viruses. The candidate should possess analytical abilities, excellent numeric skills, and have experience in modeling biological systems based on experiment. Results of theoretical studies will be published independently and used to guide experiments of collaborating groups. The positions are anticipated to start in the Fall 2016, October 1. The initial term is 2 years with the possibility of extension.

Interested individuals are requested to send their CV, publication list, PDF files of 2-3 publications, and names and electronic addresses of two references to Dr. Igor Rouzine,

Internships in wet lab or in the theory/computational section
Bachelor and Master students in search for an internship can send an email to  Pauline Caron (Tel +33(0)1 )
Please specify the groups / section that you are interested in.

If you are interested in applying for a postdoc or a PhD with a specific group please contact the group leader of that group.

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