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BIS2Analyzer is a webserver providing the online analysis of coevolving amino-acid pairs in protein alignments, especially designed for vertebrate and viral protein families, which typically display a small number of highly similar sequences. 

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Plasmobase is a unique database designed for the comparative study of 11 Plasmodium genomes. It proposes new domain architectures as well as new domain families that have never been reported before for these genomes. It allows for an easy comparison among architectures within Plasmodium species and with other species, described in UniProt.

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JET2 Viewer: a very large knowledge base containing JET2 predictions of protein binding sites for more than 40 000 chains, occurring in Protein Data Bank (PDB) structures. 

COMmunication MApping (COMMA): A method to dissect proteins dynamical architectures 

CLADE:  A new generation domain identification program based on a multi-source strategy. 


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