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The availability of genomic data coming from sequencing and other high-throughput technologies radically changed the nature of biological investigations. Today, an organism and its changing environment can be considered together and in concert with a multitude of other organisms. The research topics of the unit concern all aspects of genomics in both prokaryotic and unicellular eukaryotic microorganisms, and possibly multicellular organisms.
In our laboratory experimentalists interact with computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists for defining new experimental questions, analyse large amount of data, model phenomena that characterize the new dimension within which biology lives today. Theoreticians generate new biological data that remain inaccessible to experiments today.

We are concerned with questions that are at the heart of biology:
- genome architecture and evolution
- genetic network architectures, their evolution across species, ecological relevance and environmental adaptation
- protein evolution in sequences and structures
- modelling of complex biological systems



Analytical Genomics - Group Leader: Alessandra Carbone
Biology of Genomes - Group Leader: Gilles Fischer
Diatom Genomics - Group Leader: Angela Falciatore
Evolution and immunology of pathogens - Group Leader: Igor Rouzine
Genetic Networks - Group Leader: Frederic Devaux
Genetic code reprograming and synthetic biology - Group Leader: Shixin Ye-Lehmann
Genomic Physics - Group Leader: Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino
Mathematical Modeling in Biology - Group Leader: Delphine Salort
Statistical Genomics and Biological Physics - Group Leader: Martin Weigt


Open Positions